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March 7, 2015 by Troy Baccus

When is the Deadline for a Business Tax Extension in 2015?

Tax Season 2015 We all know April 15 is “tax day.”  But if you own a business, your company might have a different filing deadline.  The first step in figuring out the tax return filing deadline for your business is determining what type of business entity you have.  This blog post will address the tax

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January 7, 2015 by Troy Baccus

Enrollment for 2015 Health Insurance

Enrollment is now open for 2015 health insurance through the Obamacare health insurance marketplace. If you do not receive health insurance through an employer sponsored plan then you will most likely need to secure your own individual health insurance or family health insurance. There are even health insurance options for small business owners available online.

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July 29, 2014 by Troy Baccus

How much does one million dollars in life insurance cost?

I was talking to a friend the other day about how much life insurance he thought he needed for his family. He is not in the insurance industry but he had a pretty impressive answer. He said he thought he needed about $1,000,000 in insurance per child. His estimate is not entirely accurate but it is

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July 14, 2014 by Troy Baccus

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Purchase Insurance

This isn’t a fun blog post, but it’s an important one.  Most people know that the best time to purchase an insurance policy is when you’re young and healthy.  We’ve written blog posts about it in both the life insurance and disability insurance context. Purchasing insurance when you are healthy is the best way to

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June 15, 2014 by nina avery

Protect the Ones You Love and Create A Secure Retirement at the Same Time

  Written by: Nina Avery, CFP® Less than a week before my dad died he asked me to make sure he had done everything he could to protect my mother and make sure she was taken care of financially.  I don’t know if he knew he was going to die or if it is just

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April 9, 2014 by Troy Baccus

Term Life or Permanent Life Insurance?

A huge percentage of Americans who need life insurance are uninsured.  In addition to the “Big 3”, one of the main reasons people don’t purchase life insurance is because they aren’t sure what type of life insurance they need.  (If you’re not sure if you need life insurance, our blog post on the subject is a

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April 8, 2014 by Troy Baccus

Employers Association of Montana Benefits Limited by Affordable Care Act

The Employers Association of Montana is no longer providing benefit offerings or their association services.  According to the Employers Association’s website, “the Affordable Care Act has limited the scope of specific association plans to continue as written today.” Regarding the impact on group life insurance, the Employers Association stated: “We believe most groups can secure group

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April 1, 2014 by Troy Baccus

3 Reasons People Put Off Buying Life Insurance

According to US News & World Report there are 3 very ill-advised reasons why people put off buying life insurance. We hear these reasons every day and we must agree they are some of the worst reasons to put off buying life insurance.  Read the report here. 3 Reasons People Put Off Buying Life Insurance

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March 31, 2014 by Troy Baccus

Scam Alert – March 31, 2014 – Montana Secretary of State Bogus Email

Linda McCullough, Montana Secretary of State, issued a warning about a bogus email scam today. Do not open attachments on emails similar to the one pictured below. The email contains a link and instructs the recipient to click the link in order to “finalize the activation of your agent agreement.” The bogus email is addressed from “”

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March 25, 2014 by Troy Baccus

Life Insurance for People with Diabetes

The folks at just published a great article answering a common question we receive at Montana Life Group: Can Diabetics find Affordable Life Insurance?  The article is definitely worth a read if you have diabetes, but we’ll cut to the chase and let you know the answer: yes, diabetics can find affordable life insurance. An

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