About us…

We are a cutting edge insurance agency helping you save money and ensure important financial protection.

  • We help families protect their households with high quality life insurance and compare rates from the nation’s top insurance companies to make sure families are not over-paying for that important protection.
  • We help baby-boomers, seniors, and those nearing retirement face the challenges that arise later in life, such as increased medical expenses, navigating Medicare, and maintaining a sustainable retirement income.
  • We help working professionals protect their careers and income with top quality disability insurance from the best companies in the country. Often times at discounted rates.

So why choose us? First of all, we will save you money. As an independent insurance agency we will compare rates from the nation’s top insurance carriers to make sure you have access to the lowest cost plan available. But sometimes the cheapest option isn’t the best option. Since we have access to the best carriers we can work with you to help you find a plan that is both affordable and custom tailored to your needs. Lastly, we pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience. Whether it is the convenience of our website, which can provide instant quotes and valuable information, or the friendly one-on-one attention you will receive, we can guide you through the entire process while you enjoy the comfort of your own home.

Our most popular plans include Medicare Supplement insurance (aka Medigap), disability income protection, retirement strategies, life insurance, and group insurance programs.

We understand the importance of involving multiple experienced parties when working on complex insurance strategies. As such, we have strong relationships with CPAs, law firms, CFPs, financial advisors, and insurance brokers across the country.

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The Team

Troy Baccus

Troy Baccus
Managing Partner

Troy Baccus is a managing partner of Montana Life Group. Troy has an extensive background in retirement strategy design and Social Security optimization thanks to a career working as an annuity case design specialist for one of the most respected annuity distribution firms in the industry. Troy has spent years designing income strategies for some of the top financial advisers around the country. He started Montana Life Group in January of 2013 to provide professional help with the extremely important task of developing realistic strategies for retirement. Although some clients’ needs are complex, Troy explains things in an easy to understand way. Recommended strategies typically have a very conservative and realistic approach. Troy lives in Bozeman, Montana and enjoys fly-fishing in the summer and skiing in the winter.  View Troy’s full profile>>

Greg Burden

Greg Burden
Disability Income Specialist

Greg Burden is one of the most experienced disability income specialists in the entire country. His expertise includes solutions for individuals and families, as well as business partnerships and other complex situations. Greg is the founding principal of Owl Insurance Solutions, a firm dedicated specifically to ensuring that clients are protected from the devastating effects a sickness or injury can cause to an otherwise normal financial situation. Greg lives in Colorado and is licensed in multiple states.




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Who is Montana Life Group?
Who is Montana Life Group?

We are the nation’s foremost insurance agency helping you save money and ensure important financial protection.

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