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June 9, 2016 by Troy Baccus

Should You Purchase a Whole Life Insurance Policy?

Should You Purchase a Whole Life Insurance Policy? As a general proposition, Montana Life Group does not universally endorse whole life insurance. There are certainly exceptions, which we’ll touch on in this post, but overall we feel the majority of people are better off purchasing a term life insurance policy. To begin with, whole life

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March 3, 2016 by Brad Gunning

$1,000,000 Life Insurance Quotes

The most common questions we receive regarding life insurance are: How much life insurance do I need? and How much does life insurance cost? How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? Larry Light wrote an in-depth article for Forbes covering the various factors you should consider in determining how much life insurance you need. A

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July 29, 2014 by Troy Baccus

How much does one million dollars in life insurance cost?

I was talking to a friend the other day about how much life insurance he thought he needed for his family. He is not in the insurance industry but he had a pretty impressive answer. He said he thought he needed about $1,000,000 in insurance per child. His estimate is not entirely accurate but it is

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