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July 15, 2014 by Troy Baccus

10 things to ask before buying an annuity

Deciding whether or not to buy an annuity is an important financial decision. Most of the time annuities are purchased based on a recommendation by an insurance agent or financial adviser. But before buying an annuity, ask yourself 10 important questions: 1. Did I shop around? Whether you just met your financial adviser or you’ve been working

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July 14, 2014 by Troy Baccus

The Saddest Insurance Leads We Get

This isn’t a fun blog post, but it’s an important one.  Most people know that the best time to purchase an insurance policy is when you’re young and healthy.  We’ve written blog posts about it in both the life insurance and disability insurance context. Purchasing insurance when you are healthy is the best way to

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June 27, 2014 by Troy Baccus

Disability Insurance is Important for Medical Professionals

By Troy Baccus High quality disability insurance is extremely important for medical professionals. The reason why disability insurance is so important for medical professionals is because of the numerous things that can cause a healthcare worker to become disabled from their occupation. Example: If a physician assistant or surgeon accidentally contracts a blood born pathogen like

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