July 19, 2019 by Brad Gunning

Dental and Vision Insurance Options for Seniors


Medicare does not cover routine dental or vision exams, leaving many seniors searching for dental and vision insurance options. After review various options provided by insurance carriers, we’re happy to recommend plans offered by Ameritas.

Medicare Does Not Cover Routine Dental or Vision Care

Many seniors are surprised to learn Medicare does not cover routing dental or vision care. While a Medicare Advantage plan can be a solid alternative that often includes dental and vision coverage, Medicare Advantage plans cannot be combined with Medicare Supplement plans. Those enrolled in Medicare Supplement plans need to enroll in a stand-alone dental and vision plan. Reviewing dental and vision plans offered by various carriers can be a daunting task, so we’ve done the work for you.

Montana Life Group Recommends Ameritas

We’ve reviewed plans offered by multiple carriers and have found Ameritas to be our favorite. Unlike many other plans with coverage that can be convoluted and difficult to understand, Ameritas plans are straightforward. Dental and vision plans can be combined or enrolled in separately (for those fortunate enough to have great eyesight). A breakdown of the highlights of each plan can be found here: Ameritas Dental and Vision Highlights.

Another aspect that we love about the Ameritas dental and vision plans is that they can be enrolled in online and instantly, with no waiting period or need to contact an insurance agent. To review your plan options and enroll online, click here: Ameritas Online Enrollment.

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