July 2, 2016 by Brad Gunning

6 Most Common Fraud Schemes According to the FBI


At our core, Montana Life Group aims to protect its clients financially – whether that’s in retirement (Medigap and annuities), while you’re earning an income (disability insurance) or when you have a loved one that depends on you (life insurance). With that in mind, we’re always trying to help our readers keep tabs on some of the most common types of fraud that might end up impacting their finances. In the internet age, identity theft has skyrocketed, so we reviewed the top identity theft companies and gave our recommendation.

We thought it might be helpful to look at the most common fraud schemes being perpetrated today and what better source than the FBI. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, these are the most common scams the FBI investigates:

  1. Telemarketing fraud
  2. Nigerian letter
  3. Identity theft
  4. Advance fee schemes
  5. Health care fraud
  6. Redemption, strawman and bond fraud

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