June 3, 2016 by Troy Baccus

New Medigap Insurance Website



Medicare Supplement


We are pleased to announce our newest website dedicated to helping consumers shop for Medicare Supplement Insurance. The site has a regularly updated blog which will provide useful information for Medigap Insurance shoppers.


Our approach to Medicare Supplement Insurance

Our approach to Medicare Supplement (MedSupp) insurance is the same as it is with our other lines of insurance, such as life insurance, disability insurance, and annuities, which is to help consumers compare the rates offered from top-rated insurance companies. From there, we put our clients in a position to save money and secure the best possible plans. Since we are an independent insurance agency, we do not have a bias towards recommending any particular insurance company. Instead, we believe that our company will continue to achieve success if we simply help people learn and make informed decisions about insurance.

Who buys Medicare Supplement Insurance?

When most Americans turn age 65 they become eligible to enroll in a socialized healthcare plan called Medicare. Medicare is a comprehensive health insurance plan, but it does not cover all health-related expenses that can arise as a person ages. Medicare Supplement insurance can step in and “fill the gaps” in coverage that Original Medicare misses, hence its common nickname Medigap. If you are nearing age 65 then you should begin doing some research about Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance.

If you have parents who are approaching age 65 then you should ask them if they have researched their Medicare coverage options. Learn more about Medicare Supplement Insurance here.



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