May 25, 2016 by Troy Baccus

Surgeons Need Own Occupation Disability Insurance


Disability insurance is extremely important for surgeons and specialists. If you are a surgeon or specialized medical professional then you should request a quote for disability insurance now.

Disability Insurance for Surgeons

Why Surgeons need “True Own-Occupation DI”

You may have heard the term Own-Occupation Disability Insurance before. This is the strongest form of disability insurance a person can buy. With an “Own-Occ” policy our clients can receive disability benefits even if they are working in another occupation.

Not all professionals need this type of coverage, but surgeons and specialists should seek out Own-Occ coverage without question.

A surgeon can develop something as simple as arthritis or contract a blood-born pathogen and immediately be unfit for work. With an Own-Occ DI policy the surgeon would receive benefits even if he or she seeks out new employment.

Imagine having the type of income protection that would pay $10,000+ per month and still allow you to pursue new employment without the risk of having benefits reduced! This means you could become a college professor or start a business – meanwhile your income would continue – even if you were no longer able to perform surgery.

There are many good policies out there, but make sure to ask your agent for a “True Own Occupation Policy.”

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