September 18, 2014 by Troy Baccus

Protect Your Children’s Privacy and Personal Information


Protect Children's IdentitiesCNN’s Jake Tapper recently published a blog highlighting the potential vulnerability of children’s personal data.  Tapper described the ease with which hackers can access a child’s personal information as “one of the biggest potential security holes of the modern era, one that can leave data exposed to any hacker willing to find it.”

It’s hard enough for an adult to protect their own identity and personal information; having to worry about their children’s information is even tougher.

We’ve reviewed dozens of identity theft protection services and some of our top choices offer protection for children.  For example, for $5/month, Identity Guard will protect both you and your child.  The Identity Guard child protection includes prompt alerts when your child’s information is detected in connection with credit accounts and they’ll watch out for exposure of your child’s personal information online.

Feel free to check out our reviews for more information on the top identity theft protection providers by clicking here.

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