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Awesome customer service from Troy Baccus. I was concerned about doing insurance business over the phone. Troy was very patient with me and explained everything I needed to know. I am quite pleased with the insurance guidance I received and appreciate Troy’s time and expertise.

Cathy TaylorFlorida

I was contacted by Mr. Troy Baccus in regards to my obtaining medicare. I had been contacted by others but choose Mr. Baccus due to his knowledge, professionalism and getting coverage that was best for my medical needs. He was accessible for questions. Very pleased with his service.

Lynne RodriguezFlorida

After talking to several companies about a prescription part D coverage and getting discouraged, Troy made everything clear for me. He was very professional and informative, a real pleasure to talk with. I’m not hesitant to recommend anyone to Montana Life Group.
Thanks Troy and Montana Life.

Dan HoffmanMontana

I can’t say enough about the Montana life Group. They made what appeared to be a complex decision about medicare supplements and drug plans fairly straight forward and because I wasn’t dealing directly with an insurance company, they were not selling me any particular product but only recommending the best product out there to suit my particular needs. The same commission is paid by everyone whether one uses a private resource like Montana or an insurance company directly. If you use an insurance company directly, their own agents internally make the same commission and they are pushing the particular ins co products. I highly recommend Montana for objective solid advice.

Marc TannenFlorida

My experience with Troy was A+
He is super knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend!

Leslie L.Virginia

I have had quite a bit of experience with Brad Gunning at Montana Life Group, and he has always been well informed, professional and honest. I would highly recommend this company.

Sophie SowardKansas

Troy Baccus has provided us with very professional customer service. Highly recommend Troy.

Greg HapkaFlorida

I clicked on a link on the internet and Troy Baccus got back to me very quickly. We talked about my situation and he got me some information back in a very timely manner. Since our initial conversation I have determined that I will not be moving forward with retirement at this time so I have no need for any products at this time, however, the information that Troy did provide was very informational and I learned a lot so that when I finally do “pull the trigger” I am now much better prepared. I have kept Troy’s info and will contact him done the road.

Paul MabelFlorida

Jeff is a man of highest character and professionalism. He holds standards for himself of utmost integrity. I strongly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking to manage their finances and protect their assets, cover liabilities and provide for their family’s future.

Norb N.

I recommend you get to know Jeff. I seek out and trust his advice on business and career matters. I’ve been on client appointments with Jeff, worked with advisors in his sales unit and spent time with Lisa and his children. I have had the pleasure of working with him at two firms and I consider him a friend. I have and will continue to refer Jeff to anyone looking for a leader in the financial services industry.

Todd L.










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