September 7, 2017 by Brad Gunning

Equifax Security Breach


More Than 140 Million People’s Personal Information Compromised by Equifax Security Breach

The population of the United States is about 323 million people. Nearly half of those people had their personal information exposed to criminals due to a cyber attacks on Equifax in May and July of 2017. This personal information includes social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers, and more.

According to CNN, this data breach “is one of the worst ever, by its reach and by the kind of information exposed to the public.”

These types of security breaches act as a reminder of the importance of protecting your identity with an identity theft protection service. We’ve analyzed the top identity theft protection services available and provided reviews for our Top 4. While Identity Guard is our top pick, any solid identity theft protection is better than nothing.

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