June 11, 2016 by Brad Gunning

Top 15 Occupations Purchasing Disability Insurance


ProfessionalsDISABILITY INSURANCE QUOTEWhat are the most common occupations enrolled in disability insurance?

A common question among many of our potential disability insurance customers is “Is my occupation one that typically gets disability insurance?” So we thought it might be interesting to pull back the curtain a bit and write a blog detailing the occupations that are most common among our disability insurance customers.

Medical ProfessionalDisability Insurance for Medical Professionals

Far and away the most common group of disability insurance customers of ours fall into the medical professional category. This category includes dentists, orthodontists, physicians (including all subsets, such as cardiologists, radiologists, dermatologists, surgeons and oncologists, to name a few), psychologists, psychiatrists, optometrists, pharmacists, physician assistants and veterinarians.

Disability Insurance for Legal Professionals

Another common category of occupations enrolled in disability insurance plans isLegal Professionals the legal professionals group. This group includes lawyers as well as government positions such as judges and district attorneys. This group particularly can receive disability insurance and hugely discounted rates. Lawyers are one of the occupations that might benefit from a true own-occupation disability insurance policy, as it will allow them to pursue other career opportunities outside of their legal profession without any impact on their disability benefits.

Disability Insurance for ArchitectsDisability Insurance for Engineering Professionals

The engineering professionals group includes architects, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers. The less time an engineer spends in the field or in the lab, usually results in better disability insurance rates.

Disability Insurance for Financial ProfessionalsDisability Insurance for accountants

The financial professionals group is a broad one, including accountants (CPAs), certified auditors, actuaries, financial planners (CFPs), hedge fund managers, investment bankers, venture capitalists, bond traders, mutual fund managers, private equity fund managers, and portfolio managers.

Office managersDisability Insurance for Sales Professionals and Office Workers

A fair amount of our disability insurance sales are to folks who are either sales executives or office managers. The types of sales can vary and includes car sales, agricultural sales, and real estate agents, among others.

Disability Insurance for the Computer Technology Industrydisability insurance for architect

We sell disability insurance policies to information technology (IT) specialists, computer engineers, systems analysts and computer programmers. The computer technology industry is constantly evolving, and not surprisingly, some of the computer technology occupations¬†we’ll eventually be selling disability insurance policies to don’t even exist today.

Disability Insurance for professorsDisability Insurance for Educators

At the collegiate level, some of the occupations purchasing disability insurance include college professors and deans. School principals and supervisors also purchase disability insurance.


As you can see, the majority of our disability insurance customers are some form of professional, but the occupations are certainly not limited to just doctors and lawyers. Below is a summary of the top 15 occupations purchasing disability insurance:

  1. Veterinarians
  2. Dentists/Orthodontists
  3. Lawyers
  4. Surgeons
  5. Accountants/CPAs
  6. IT specialists
  7. Architects
  8. Dermatologists
  9. Sales executives
  10. College professors
  11. Office managers
  12. Psychologists
  13. Physician assistants
  14. Optometrists
  15. Computer systems analysts

If you don’t currently have disability insurance or would like us to review your current coverage, please give us a call or request a quote and we’ll be happy to help.




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Below is a summary of the top 15 occupations purchasing disability insurance: Veterinarians Dentists/Orthodontists Lawyers Surgeons Accountants/CPAs IT specialists Architects Dermatologists Sales executives College professors Office managers Psychologists Physician assistants Optometrists Computer systems analysts
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