June 27, 2014 by Troy Baccus

Disability Insurance is Important for Medical Professionals


Troy Baccus

High quality disability insurance is extremely important for medical professionals. The reason why disability insurance is so important for medical professionals is because of the numerous things that can cause a healthcare worker to become disabled from their occupation.


If a physician assistant or surgeon accidentally contracts a blood born pathogen like Hepatitis or HIV during surgery they will no longer be able to practice their profession. It’s not just blood diseases that can be a problem. Imagine if a surgeon accidentally lost an eye in a fishing accident. Can he still perform surgery without depth perception? Without disability insurance a medical professional would experience a huge income loss and financial hardship would be inevitable. With the right disability insurance he could receive tax free income. If he purchased a “true own-occupation” disability insurance policy you could even get another job and disability benefits would continue uninterrupted!

Buy True Own-Occupation Disability Insurance

Medical professionals should definitely consider buying true own-occupation disability insurance. With own-occupation disability insurance you can get a new job and your benefits will continue as long as you can’t go back to your original occupation. Imagine experiencing something like the example above and then changing your career path and taking on a med school teaching position. With own-occupation disability insurance your tax free income benefits continue.

True Own-Occupation Disability Insurance at a 30% discount

At Montana Life Group we compared 5 of the top disability insurance companies in the country and selected the highest quality and most cost effective policy. We are a “Preferred Agency” therefore we can extend up to a 30% discount on true own-occupation disability insurance to our clients. Even if you currently have a policy you might want to request a quote to compare pricing. Often times we can offer a stronger policy and a cost savings.

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