June 17, 2014 by Jeffrey Caron

Caring for a spouse is stressful

Jeff Caron Extended Care Specialist Serving MT, WY, ID, CO

Jeff Caron
Extended Care Specialist
Serving MT, WY, ID, CO


According to a recent poll and article by Yahoo! News caring for a spouse with health needs is more stressful than caring for a parent or even in-laws.  Unfortunately, the odds are that you’ll eventually have to give long-term care to a loved one.  More than 50% of Americans age 40 or older have given long-term care to someone.  Yet only 30% of people who believe they will need to give long-term care are actually prepared to do so.  Medicare doesn’t pay for long-term care.

The Yahoo! article reports that “spouses were most likely to report that stress and to say caregiving weakened their relationship with their partner and burdened their finances.”  A proactive way to help alleviate the potential stresses of providing long-term care is looking into a long-term care insurance policy.  As with any insurance, obviously the best time to purchase a long-term care insurance policy is before you need it.

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