May 22, 2014 by Troy Baccus

Buy Disability Insurance When You Are Young And Healthy


Disability Insurance LIFE INSURANCE QUOTEWe get calls all the time from people who want disability insurance but either don’t qualify or can’t afford it because of medical issues. Unfortunately, disability insurance is the type of thing people most people put off until it’s too late. Disability insurance is available and cheaper when you are young and healthy. It is not available, on the other hand, after you are hurt or sick. Every working person needs disability insurance because the ability to earn an income is your most important asset.

When should I buy disability insurance?

When should you start thinking about getting a solid disability insurance policy? As soon as you start earning an income that you rely on. Most people begin earning a consistent income in their 20s. Of course, becoming disabled is often the last thing on a 20 year old’s mind. But more than 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year olds will suffer a disability before they retire. We’re not talking about freak accidents that happen at work, which are covered by workers’ compensation. Instead, common causes of disability include back pain, arthritis, heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes.  To calculate your changes of becoming disabled, go to

Can I buy disability insurance after I get hurt or sick?

It’s important to have your disability insurance policy in place before the onset of a disability. If you’re already disabled, it’s too late to purchase a disability insurance policy – you’re uninsurable. It’s also important to lock in a lower rate on your disability insurance policy while you are still young and healthy. As you grow older, your chances of becoming disabled increase, and with the increased risk comes an increase in the cost of disability insurance. Beyond aging – which none of us can avoid – additional factors that lead to an increased chance of becoming disabled include: smoking, anxiety, depression, excess body weight, frequent alcohol consumption and substance abuse.

Is disability insurance important?

In short, as with most insurance, the best time to purchase disability insurance is before you think you need it. The most affordable rates are available while you are still young and healthy. Waiting too long to secure disability insurance is a costly mistake that can deplete a person’s ability to generate an income – one of your most important assets.

Can I get a discount on disability insurance?

Montana Life Group is a preferred agency with several insurance carriers, therefore we can extend up to a 30% discount to some of our clients.

We can also offer discounts to some specific types of occupations, including:

Veterinarians: Click Here

Medical Professionals: Click Here

Legal Professionals: Click Here

Engineers/Architects: Click Here

Physician Assistants: Click Here

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