January 24, 2016 by Troy Baccus

SCAM ALERT: Fake IRS Agents are on the Prowl


LifeLock Identity TheftYou’ve probably recently received your W-2 in the mail.  I did yesterday.  Tax season is upon us.  It didn’t take the identity theft scammers long to commence their attack.

Today I received a voicemail from the following number 914-499-8217.  They left an automated voicemail claiming to be the IRS and urging that I call them back because they have commenced a lawsuit against me.  I know lawsuits involve being served with a summons, not an automated voicemail, so I was clearly suspicious.

I did a quick Google search of the phone number and came across a few websites that confirmed I was the target of IRS fraudAn anonymous victim noted “They appear to be trying to steal identities. They’ll have your street address based on your phone number but will ask for you to verify your zip code and last 4 of your SS#.”

These types of threats are real and are especially common this time of year.  We’ve written about it before, but wanted to bring it to your attention again.  

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Links about this identity theft scam:

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